The dream

In Latin, the original name of our company reflects the motivations that prompted its foundation: Opus et Vita was born out of a dream of a few young men who, following the 1980 earthquake, wanted to create a work opportunity in their own region and return to normality, to focus on work without, however, losing sight of life’s pleasures and values.

This dream became a reality and today the name Opus et Vita has taken on another connotation that is consistent with the company’s philosophy and objectives: to help develop agriculture and improve quality of life through its work.


We are an Italian company that specialises in designing and producing structures for protected crops.

We offer a wide range of products that are the result of experience acquired over more than 30 years of working within the sector, as well as through research and development conducted in close collaboration with clients, partners and research institutions.

Our products are modular, very easy to assemble and designed to meet all client needs.

Thanks to our expertise, highly qualified staff and partnerships with some of the largest companies working within the installation and plant engineering sector for protected crops, we are able to supply complete and technologically advanced “turnkey” greenhouses.

Over 150

HECTARES of greenhouses produced and sold per year

45 MW

photovoltaic greenhouses built


innovative SVN greenhouse model (“Natural Ventilation Greenhouse”)


Healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture



Our mission is to supply products and services that contribute to the development of the agricultural system.

For us, each client request translates into developing a solution in which the product’s tangible content combines with differentiated and customised value.

Every day, we put all our efforts and passion into designing and creating products that are high quality, innovative and reliable.

We believe that dealing with agriculture means dealing with quality of life.


We always aim to create a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with clients by ensuring clarity, honesty and transparency at every stage and by ensuring that we supply the most appropriate products, solutions and services to meet their needs in terms of quality, efficiency and cost, always striving to surpass their expectations.

Our relationship does not end when the products are supplied, as we also provide suitable assistance in the post-sale phase in order to ensure operational continuity, reduced operating costs and the longer service life of the facility we supplied.


To achieve high standards in terms of the quality and functionality of our products, we only use the best materials.

Our products are created at a facility with highly automated production processes and the latest technology in the industry.

Within our production processes we only employ highly qualified staff, whose motivation, retention and professional development have always been at the heart of our strategic and investment decisions.

All our products are designed in accordance with current regulations and European standards and are subjected to stringent checks during each stage of the production process in line with our Quality Management System.


Continually searching for new solutions and fulfilling our duty to make them accessible and functional for the client is one of our core values.

We continually collaborate with our clients, partners and leading research institutions to constantly improve our products and develop new solutions.

The joint research activity conducted with CREA (the Italian Research Council for Agriculture and the Analysis of Agricultural Economies) has led to the development of a new greenhouse model, which gave rise to the innovation entitled “Natural ventilation greenhouse” (Patent No. 0001418118).